Friday, January 29, 2010

How can I not?

God is moving all around me! I feel like I have learned so many things lately. He seems to be getting me to do new things...with a "How can I not?" attitude. He has given me this voice, no matter how good or bad it can I not sing out to my God? He has blessed me so much, how can I not give more? He has given me so much can I not extend mercy to someone for something that doesn't even compare to what God has forgiven me for? How can I not? God is so good, and seriously when I sit and think of every time my God has saved me, and every time He has forgiven me or every time He has to nudge me back in the right can I not live for Him? He has to take His rightful place as number 1 in my life...and really how could I not put Him in that position...doesn't He deserve to be there?

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