Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful Spring

All this heat is making me wish it was still Spring. hot is it where you are at?

Like I promised you yesterday, here's another 2 page layout (oh and remember you can always click on the image to view it bigger!):

It uses the gorgeous Butterfly Garden collection from Pink Paislee and some kraft cardstock and those awesome chipboard pieces from Magistical Memories (Yep, still a fan!). The pieces used are called Out On A Limb and Antique Sign.

Design Notes:
* When picking a floral paper to go with your floral pictures make sure you pick one that will not overwhelm or distract from the pictures.
* If using two sheets of the same patterned paper for your background on a two page layout, rotate the second sheet 90 degrees to give it a different look.
* Use bare chipboard on top of kraft paper for a unique more subtle look.
* When making a grid with your photos, just for fun take a few of them and tilt them!
* Try writing part of your title and then stitch (or write) around it with the rest of the title.

Here are some close up's of the layout:

Hope you are able to escape (or enjoy?) the heat.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I know it may come as a shocker...but I've done a couple 2 page layouts lately. I do them every now and then. Though I must admit, usually it's for a call or a challenge when I do. :)

Here's one I made using Fancy Pants:

It mostly uses the Baby Mine collection, but those birds are from the It's The Little Things collection.

Design Notes:
* It's always a good time to plan or have an impromptu photo shoot with your family.
* Try using multiple colors for your journaling. :)
* Letters not big enough for you? Try backing them with paper and then curling the edges a bit to help them stand out more.
* Try doodling three lines for a border.

Here are some close up's:

Come back tomorrow for another 2 pager! :)

Have a wonderfully awesome day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supply Savviness Day 2

So I came across these fantastic burlap shapes in my stash from Canvas Home Basics. A heart and a diamond. Someone sent them to me at one point in time and they just got set aside. I can't believe I hadn't used them yet. I decided to use them as the base for my project. I used the pieces of paper I had left over from yesterday's post, some big some small(from American Crafts' Hello Sunshine collection).

So I am going to admit something...maybe I shouldn't. But this project was supposed to be a gift I was making for my sister. But I love the way it turned out so much...I am contemplating keeping it and making something new for my sister. Is that bad?

Here it is:

Supply Savvy notes:
* Build your home decor project on some fabric and lace, no plaques or frames necessary.
* See those spools? Those are cardboard and once had ribbon wrapped on them. I simply cover them with scraps of paper.

That was the diamond piece and I just folded the sides over and stuck the flower ribbon in as if it was holding flowers. :)

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? Should I gift it or keep it?

Hope you are having a terrific week so far!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Supply Savviness

Today I thought I would share some quick and easy ideas to stretch your supplies and get more out of them!

All of my products come from American Crafts. Specifically, the papers are from the Hello Sunshine collection. :)

I started with 6 sheets of double-sided papers and some white cardstock for all of my projects (including tomorrow's post as well). I did add a few other things like chipboard letters...but you'll see.

Here's my first layout:

Supply Savvy notes:
* When you know you are only going to use a piece of paper as a background border, cut out the middle of the paper to save it! Here is a picture of the back of my finished can see what I mean:
* If your papers come with a strip at the bottom that has a design on it or on a portion of it, use it! A few of those strips on my layout are those.
* Easy and cheap embellishments can simply be part of the paper cut out and added as an embellishment. I do this a lot. But those clouds are cut from a piece of paper.
* Don't be afraid to use your leftover letters and mix them up. See my title, I didn't have a t or a p in that alphabet so I used it from another alphabet.
* Don't have fabric or ribbon to add to your project? Use paper and fold it over, leaving it loop up some as tabs.
* Stitching on your layouts can add texture and design at a very small cost.
* Use scraps and small pieces!

Here are some close up's of the layout:

And now we come to layout number 2...

Supply Savvy notes:
* Did you see the circles I cut out and used on my first layout? Well I didn't want that paper to go to waste! I used it on my layout. The missing circles just made for a creative design!
* Create your own embellishments using paint. Paint is cheap and can go a long way. I made my "splashes" with 3D paint and filled with glitter.

Here are some close up's:

And finally, I did the same thing with my card. I used the piece of paper that I cut the pink circles out of (used in my top layout), I layered it over patterned paper and built the design of my card around it.

I am very excited to share the last project with you, but I have decided to make it a seperate post. So come back tomorrow to see what else I did with these papers! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here comes Saint Nick!

More Christmas in July? Yep! :)

It's the last of the newest releases from Fancy Pants and you know I am one of the lucky gals that already got to play with it! :)

Here's a peek at the collection:

And you can view the whole thing here.

I love love love this collection! It is my favorite of the new releases!!!

Here's what I did with it:

I just LOVE how this line includes both white-based patterns (like my snowflake background piece) and kraft-based (like the die cuts). I think they go together beautifully to create a vintage feel to your projects! I love love love this collection!

Here are some close up's:

And here is layout number 2:

I love how all the colors go together so well. My first thought was that there was some unexpected colors in this Christmas line and I wasn't quite sure about all of them going together. But after I started to play with it, I just LOVE all the colors together!!! I love how there is some purple in this collection. It makes for a fun, whimsical feel!

Here are the close up's:

And how about another layout? :)

For this layout I was totally inspired by the "Tannenbaum" sheet of paper. The design was pretty much all there already, I simply added a few more smaller trees and it was done (using paper and pieces of the chipboard banner)! Super easy! :)

The close up's:

And finally, a card...

That large Merry Christmas die cut is perfect for creating a fast easy card!

Make sure you check out the Fancy Pants blog to see what the other designers did with this new line.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of Fancy Pants' new releases and what I did with them. :) They rocked it, as they always do! Watch for your favorite stores to get the collections in stock!

Have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer's End (and more sad news)

Recently I heard the sad news that a dear online scrapbooking friend had passed away. Frankly, I was shocked by the news. Chris Hertel was such a wonderful, kind soul! I met her when I first started scrapbooking and posting things online. I met her on the CK board (the old one...a long time ago). She has impressed and inspired me many times over the past years, both with her scrapbooking and her life.

Chris will always be remembered, and I ask you all to keep the family left behind in your prayers. Erika posted the following blinkie on 2 Peas and said it best when she said "Not only to honor Chris but to remind us how important an issue breast cancer is. Chris was a HUGE proponent of mamograms and breast self-checks. "

I'm still really shocked by this.

And I don't really know how to move on to my projects.

So I am really sorry for the abrupt change, but I do have stuff to share with you today too.

It's the third of the newest releases from Fancy Pants and yep...I am one of the lucky gals that already got to play with it! :)

Here's a peek at the collection:

Let's stop right there. Isn't that the best name ever for a fall collection? I just LOVE it!!! You can view the whole thing here. And here's what I did with it:

I loved how the right side of the "Fall Frames" piece of paper was filled with I decide to add a large one to the left side to balance it out and hold my photo. I added the bow in the middle to bring it all together. The ribbon is actually from a previous line but still worked well with the page. All those little "Summer's End" pieces were cut from the bottom of the papers where it tells you the title of the collection. :)

Here are some close up's:

And then here is another layout that I did...

My son is always staging photo shots for me...I'll hear "Mom...take my picture!" That's what happened here with him holding the leave by the bush. Love these new banners!

Here are the close up's:

And yet another layout...

On this layout I cut up the Cards sheet of paper and created a background with it. I also added the flowers from the "Growing" piece of paper but put them upside down instead like they were hanging there.

Close up's:

And finally I have a card to share as well...

This is a simple easy card. I cut out the "count your blessings" piece from the Cards sheet of paper and used it as the sentiment on my card. I added a couple dots too, as if it was a think/word bubble.

Make sure you check out the
Fancy Pants blog to see what the other designers did with this new line.

Have a fantastic day! And come back tomorrow for more Fancy Pants! :)