Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amazing Race *2nd Assignment*

Holy cow...this one took me forever!  The assignment was to make a mini album about why you wanted to be a Rusty Pickle chef.  You also needed to use the Mayflower line to do it.  Check out the assignment here and everybody else's album's here.

Here's mine:

Why I want to be a Pickle {chef}?
1.  For the Chipboard
Journaling reads:  Rusty Pickle has the best chipboard around…I love it!
2.  For the awesome Trim
Journaling reads:  Love love love Rusty Pickle’s trims and fabric strips!  I collect them! 
3.  For all the rest of the Fabulous Products
Stamps, Albums, Papers, Buttons, Bling, Folders, Tags, Stickers, Alphabets, Rub-On’s, Kits, Books, Clothing, Trunks.
4.  Because of the Name
Journaling reads:  When I told my husband that there was a design team call out for a company named Rusty Pickle…he laughed and said “well that’s the one for you!”  It would be kind of funny…see, I have been a pickle girl all my life.  When people think of pickles…they think of me!  J  Now maybe when people think of me, they will think of Rusty Pickle.
5.  Because of the Team
Journaling reads:  I have only spent a little bit of time with2 some of the current chefs and those tying out for the team, and everyone is fabulous!!!  I would be honored to work with any one of them. 
6.  For the Creative Opportunities
Journaling reads: I love creating, and it is my simple desire to do more of it!  And it just so happens that I am a deadlines-and-assignments type of gal.  I work good under pressure.  I like having assignments!  Being part of a design team means I get to try new products and new things.   And who knows what other creative opportunities will come. 
7.  For the Name
Journaling reads:  Just had to throw it in again…I really am a pickle girl. 
8.  Because it’s Rusty Pickle! 
Journaling reads:  I remember when I first really started getting into scrapbooking.  One of my friends was taking a Rusty Pickle class.  I thought it was so cool!  And now…I could be working on their design team!  How awesome is that! 
9.  For the Shirts
Journaling reads:  For the longest time I have wanted to buy one of Rusty Pickle’s fabulous shirts.  But I always came up with a reason why I didn’t need one.  Now I could buy one and proudly wear it around the house.  J  It would represent an accomplishment. 
10.  For the Name
Journaling reads:  One more time…for good measure. 

So please pick me.
Journaling reads: I really want it.  I think I would be a great fit. 


Now let's talk about the truth.  I loved my album last night.  But this morning...the nerves are getting to me.  That's the thing about these competitions...everyone does fabulous work.  I am feeling like I am different (than all other competitors).  They all have a look...and it is AWESOME!  And I think differently.  For example, I  think I am the only one who used NO pictures.  And people seem to think that is weird, but I do that all the time.  And I love to use bare chipboard.  I just am starting to feel like I don't have a chance at winning, because everyone else is so great.  I just hope that perhaps it is the competition and that everyone is feeling a bit this way (maybe just not saying it).  Or maybe I just need to get more sleep.  :)  But I will stay true to myself throughout the competition and if they want me then they want me, if not, I will survive.  :)

Ok, now it is almost noon...and you know what that means...the next clue.  No rest here.  :)  Full speed ahead!  


DebW said...

Pam, the album is really cute! Hang in there potential Pickle Girl!!

Suz said...

You did a great job!

Jenn :) said...

oh I have complete faith in you...your work ROCKS. I'm sure you'll be announced as a new Chef...I am so giddy with excitement. :) GOOD LUCK (and the album is awesome...and thinking different is a totally GREAT thing!!)

Stacey Michaud said...

I think it rocks and is so heartfelt! You have to believe in yourself. And different is not bad--it means you are unique. Who wouldn't want that?

Diana said...

WOW!!! Pam, this is stunning, gorgeous. Good luck to you, Your work ROCKS

Rose Ann said...

AWESOME ALBUM!!! You do fabulous work ♥

Sara said...

Completely unique and rad album-the colors are perfect and it would be silly to not have you join the Rusty Pickle team! Best of luck