Friday, October 22, 2010

Dying and Living

I grew up in Colorado. So it made a big impact on me when the whole Columbine thing happened. I can distinctly remember that day, like many other days in history. But it got me thinking about those events that happen that force you to stand up for your faith. I remember thinking about what I would do in that position...with a gun to my head asking if I believed in God. Somehow, I knew I would have to be brave enough to stand up for God even if it meant dying for God. I could never see myself denying Him. There have been many more events that have made me think about this kind of stuff. Tonight I watched a movie that made me again think about it. But I was left thinking something else tonight...why do we think about dying for God more often then LIVING for Him? Somehow it seems easier to make a decision and stand for God at one point in time then to actually live a life that is dedicated to God. We loosely throw around terms like being Christian and living for Christ...but when we examine our lives...what do we see? Though me and my family live a Christian life and are active in our church, etc...sometimes I think maybe the Amish have it right. A simpler life would make it so much easier to focus on God. Things like TV, really can be such a just sucks time and's like it sucks our brains out while we sit mindlessly and watch. Am I going to stop watching tv? No. But I am at the point in my life where I am just questioning how I spend my time....and more importantly how I "spend" my thoughts.

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