Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CHA pics (part 1)

Wanted to share some pics from CHA with you all today. :) This first picture was taken just outside the convention center.

Even though you read about all the crazy things that happened during CHA...I really did have such a blast too. I loved meeting people I knew from online.

This is me and Kim...I had met her before at the Rusty Pickle retreat but it was great getting to see her again.

Me and the Unity gals. These girls were very popular, everyone wanted to get their picture taken with them. :) I was excited that MLS was only a few booths away from Unity so I got to stop in and say hi several times. And I have a secret about Unity...I'll share soon. ;)

I saw this lovely lady several times. She seemed to be everywhere. It was funny because she was on the shuttle Tuesday morning with me and everyone behind her was whispering "Is that Donna???" Loved it. :) She is working with Helmar products and was hanging out at the Helmar booth too.

This is me and Sarah. Was so fun to meet her, she has mad skills. :)

The Punky Sprouts booth was so cute. :)

And the Helmar girls. :)

There were so many other people that I got to meet that I wish I had gotten a picture with. I kept thinking I would have another chance...got to remember that next time.

And since I spend the majority of my time with the MLS girls, here's a bunch of random ones with them.

(this one has a story behind it) :)

Ahhh...I miss my MLS girls. That last one is of Heather and Shemaine. Shemaine hung out with us Monday night.

I do have more to share with you about the booths and products I saw...will be back to share more tomorrow.


lisa dickinson said...

looks like you guys had a blast - such fun pics! :)

Jolanda said...

This really looks like fun!!!Hope you had the time of your life!!
Have a nice day,Jolanda

Leah the Orange said...

such FUN pics! thanks for sharing, Pamela! looks like everyone had a wonderful time, and i can't wait to read your Unity news! i lurrrrrrrrve UNITY!

erin said...

hee hee these make me giggle with joy!
can you upload these to a site and we can order from please?

Renee' Dezember said...

CHA looked like a lot of FUN! Congrats on your secret...but I do believe its already out ;)

Linda Beeson said...

Thanks for sharing your CHA pics - it is fun to live it through others.

Shemaine Smith said...

We had so much fun that night, it was great hanging out with you ladies.