Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last day of LOAD

So, I just finished my last layout for the LOAD challenge. Here it is:

I had a bit of a problem getting the picture to show up right...there was a glare on the top left, and the colors were off, so I tried to lighten it which is why it looks like it is missing something in the top left hand corner. Sorry, I really wish the picture would have shown up better, I am actually really pleased with the way this turned out. It is simple but appropriate for my family album. There are flowers stamped behind the pp and photo and a flourish by the flower, you can see them a lot better in real life then you can in this picture. But I guess you can still see what it is like from this pic. I am in love with those Hambly overlays...I know...they have been all the rage, but I didn't own any until recently and I just LOVE them. This page is actually unfinished...I will add journaling to it later. But it is one of those situations where I am working with old pictures (don't know if you can read it, but this one is from 1914) and I am trying to collect information from family members. So once I feel like I have info. to put on there, then I will add journaling on strips of white will be similar to this:

I am actually having a difficult time trying to collect old stories and information about old family members. It is easier to get the pics then the old information. I am so glad that I scrapbook and will be passing along that information...and nobody will have to try to find stories about relatives or find information about their family tree. Course, that is if I can get that stuff now. :)


Amy said...

Just wanted to leave you some love on your blog. I hopped over here from the CKMB (I'm sillygoosemonkey) and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. You're very creative and I love the simplicity of your pages :)

Jayne said...