Monday, January 7, 2008

Still in this

Yep...I am still in this...just forgot to post yesterday. My layout for day 5:

My layout for day 5:

This was Ali Edwards inspired. She says that every year after Christmas, instead of putting all those lovely Christmas cards they received in a box and never seeing them again--she will punch a square from each card they received and make 1 scrapbook page. I thought that was an awesome idea, so I tried it. My husband thinks it still needs something, he says "it looks like it is unfinished...waiting for a title or something." But I like it's simplicity, and it works for me. :)

My layout for day 6:

Journaling around everything reads:
"While all these goals are great, the most important one is to not forget what I love about do it for me and my family and do what I like, instead of what I think others might like. Do not forget."
{I know--that was like the longest sentence ever Smile}

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elizabeth said...

Love this layout! Nice work!