Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's February!

It's February and I haven't quite finished my HOF stuff. Ugghhh. :) I was working on a layout tonight. I held it up and asked my husband what he thought...his reply..."it's very you." What does that mean? I wanted to ask if that was good or bad, but I decided to let it go. But he was is very me. :) Ah...but will CK like "me"? I have to redo a couple of my simply because I am unhappy with it and another because I can't read. :) The assignment: Crafty Combo. I made an awesome layout incorporating quilting onto my page...then when looking through rules realized that it says a "non-layout project." Grrr...but it is ok, because I really like the page so I will just submit it as one of my 4 favorite layouts. So now I am getting out my paint and a canvas and working on a "non-layout project." And I still have to finish my mini book. But don't worry---I will make the deadline...I always do. In fact I seem to work better under I will work hard and CK will have it by February 11th. Wish me luck! :)

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