Saturday, January 19, 2008

A couple of lifts

So I did the challenge on CK's site to scraplift a HOF page...but I had to do it twice. :) My first one was from the book and it was supposed to me from the supplement. They may have been fine with it and still counted me for the drawing, but I decided to go ahead and do another one just in case. (These were also my LOAD pages 17 and 18). So here they are:

This is a lift of Jackie Stringham's layout on pg. 15 of the HOF supplement (found in February's CK).

And this one was also a Jackie Stringham lift (hmm...just noticed that), found on page 155 in The Scrapbook Hall of Fame, Volume 9.

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Chrispea said...

LOL! That's the LO that I picked to lift, too, for the CKMB HOF lift challenge!!! Great LO!!