Tuesday, January 15, 2008

old family photos

Here is my page for day 15 of LOAD:

It was a scraplift from Cathy over at SC. I love how it turned out! As you can see...I am working on my family history album...older pictures. My grandpa was one of 10 siblings. I have been creating a section for each sibling. There are a few that make me sad...they never married and never had kids. Not much to scrapbook. And I can't find much information about them either. At least I found out that this gal, "Naomi," was a missionary...so that is something to scrapbook--but that's all I have! The other sections will have plenty of pictures, stories and information. It makes me sad, like I am not doing them justice or like they didn't really leave a mark on this world simply because they didn't have kids. Now I know that not everybody is meant to have kids. My own sibling do not want kids. So I will just have a couple really small sections, while the others will be bulky and seem like they had a more meaningful life or something. But what can I do--I can only work with the information that I have.

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Chrispea said...

Hey! Great LO. I did a search on Jackie Stringham, and ran across your blog!! So, I stayed to check it out! ;-)