Friday, February 8, 2008

Nothing like cutting it close

My HOF entry is on it's way...guaranteed to be there by 4:30pm on Monday. Monday is the deadline. I kept running into problems while putting my portfolio together. Ran out of one ink...then ran out of another (could have kicked myself for not checking on all the other ink or buying others at the store the first time). And then when I was doing my portfolio I found that on a few of my pages in my mini book I punched the holes on the wrong side! So I had to remake those pages. That's how it goes when you are doing this at the last minute. :) But it is such a relief to have it off. Now I will just anxiously await my confirmation that it arrived. And then...of course...find something else to consume my mind while waiting forever before they announce any winners. I think I read that it will be April 4th when they make the calls. That seems like decades away. Anyways. So tonight I am going to take a long, hot, bubble bath and then watch LOST (the first of this season...I tivo'd it but haven't watched it yet). I doubt I will scrap tomorrow...but next week I will post new stuff...I promise!

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