Monday, February 4, 2008


I am not sure that I like this whole tagging thing...does it ever end? :) I have been tagged again! This time I have been tagged by Christine (aka Chrispea). So now I have to tell you 7 interesting things about me...

1. I graduated with a degree in social work. I used to do intensive behavioral intervention with kids, and then I went on to manage a homeless shelter. I LOVED doing the homeless shelter, and used to dream of opening my own homeless shelter.

2. I also have dreamt of becoming an author...writing fiction. I currently have several "novels" in process as well as recorded stories of my life.

3. I still have all my letters from friends in my childhood years and teen years...and I also have a notebook full of poetry that I wrote during those times.

4. I have photoshop CS2, but rarely use it because I haven't taken the time to figure it out...I actually just use another program that I have that I know how to use (Digital Image Suite 10). I really need to learn to use my photoshop.

5. I loved my math classes in high school.

6. I am geographically challenged and directionally impaired.

7. I absolutely LOVE to play games. My family tries to get together every Sunday and play games.

Ok...there you have it.

So, I have no new layouts to share, since I am frantically trying to finish my HOF stuff, but I will share a picture. It's the most recent picture I have of me...not my favorite pic but it is me in my new glasses. I played around and totally changed the background. What do you think?


Amy said...

I like your glasses - they're really cute!

Chrispea said...

Cute glasses! Mine are orange on the sides!! Love that blue tho. Looks like we have more than scrapbooking in common, maybe someday we'll both be published scrappers and authors! ;-)

Rose Ann said...

Wow, Awesomeness. I tried to download a trial version of photohshop two hours later and i still don't have all the elements to make it run...ugh!
Anywho, back to your photo...I love it. Thank you for the comment on my blog about my lo's. ~:O)