Thursday, March 19, 2009


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Does one have a healthier relationship with Christ when they attend and are involved in church?  Or does one attend and get involved in church when they are currently in a healthy relationship with Christ?  


Lisa Dorsey said...

Great question. I think it can go both ways. Our first church that we "really" attended followed the first path. We grew closer to Christ because of our relationships with the members of the church. This church has worked more the other direction.

Maria Matter said...

Hi Pamela!
Saw this blog on my way to your crafting blog and thought I'd pop in, hope that's ok!
I grew closer to the Lord without a church and hungered to find a church because of Him. But over the years there have been seasons where we grew closer to Him because of what was happening in our lives;good & bad! I think we need our church family but also need to recognize the Lord is very real in our lives no matter where we are!
Now I'm headed over to your craft blog...see ya there!
Blessings, Maria

Shere said...

I love this blog. I love how you have the courage to put your raw, raw feelings out there for everyone to see. Your question touched a cord in me and I feel an answer but I just can't express it. Hopefully that doesn't sound strange, just not quite sure how to explain. The one thing that God has been showing me, teaching me, is that I have to just keep walking. And I have to do it with praise. There are times when I NEED my church. And there are times when I need to be quiet with my thoughts and Gods' words ringing in my head. I was raised in the church so life & church go together. But I think that where we are determines what we need and how we walk with Christ. He knows us so much better than we know ourselves and he always knows exactly what we need, even when we don't see it. Sorry this was so long, your words & thoughts just inspired me.