Monday, March 15, 2010

Sketch 190

Oh man...woke up late this morning and now I am running behind with everything. I hate that. :(

Well here is the new sketch for this week:

And here are some fabulous samples from the SC girls..

And this one comes from our guest designer this month, Star:

And this one comes from our featured member this month, Theresa--

And something new I will be doing with my's a two page variation of the sketch for you:

I have had many requests for two page sketches so I am just always going to post my one 12 x 12 sketch (which of course can be adapted to other sizes) and I will also post a two page variation of the sketch. :)

Well if you use the sketch, we would love to see it! Leave a link here, or for a chance to win a prize package from our sponsor, post it in the Scrapbook Challenges gallery! :)

Have a fantastic Monday!


Marlene said...

LOVE your layouts. The "My Heart" and "Take Five" are especially FANTASTIC!! What program do you use to create the sketches, by the way? I've always wondered that.

Pamela said...

Marlene, thanks and I use Adobe Illustrator to make my sketches. :) btw...the layouts themselves are not done by me but by the scrapbook challenges design team, so that fantastic "my heart" layout is done by Ilene (link in post) and the "take five" layout is from Katrina (again, link in post).

Michelle Lanning said...

I love that sketch the heart in the background is adorable!

anne g-i said...

love the sketch and the expanded 2 page LO sketch. I almost always do 2 page LOs so I know I will love this new addition!! Thanks!!

Star Rork said...

they all are awesome! Thanks Pam, I loved this sketch!

chelemom said...

Love this sketch! Hey I saw your cute LO in the Feb. issue of Creating KEepsakes!!! Congrats Pam!!!!!

kimosabescraps said...

oh I love the idea of converting into the two page thing... sometimes I have a ton of pics and I really need to start getting more pages done...2 pagers and sketches will help that along!!

Inkster said...

mmmkay!!! i used to be scared of sketches but now i see how they're such a fabulous resource! thank you!