Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog Candy!!!!

Whew...the race is over and  I promised blog candy.  :)    So I have been lucky enough to get lots of free product lately and my monthly kits have totally been neglected.  They are just sitting in a pile on my let's give one away!  One lucky winner will get the SOLD OUT Studio Calico July kit.  


Sea Breeze

Patterned Papers: 
Paparazzi (Studio Calico) 
Tickets Please (Studio Calico) 
Front Porch Lemonade (Jenni Bowlin) 
Great Escape Die-Cut Map (Making Memories) 
Great Escape Flower Ledger (Making Memories) 
Great Escape Tile Pattern (Making Memories) 
Brookhurst Street (Scenic Route) 
Joy Street (Scenic Route) 
Lemonwood Lane (Scenic Route)

A to Z Woodgrain Chipboard Alphabet (K&Company) 
Viewfinder Stamp Set (Studio Calico) 
fabRips (Studio Calico) 
Great Escape Blossoms & Buttons (1/3 pkg)(Making Memories) 
Luggage Tag Coasters (Maya Road) 
En Route Perforated Tickets (SEI) 
Leaf Pins (5)(Maya Road) 
Vintage Map Tags (Studio Calico)

All you have to do to get a chance at winning this is to leave me a comment telling me which of my Amazing Race projects is your favorite.  Scroll down or click on these links:

And wish me luck on making the Rusty Pickle design team!  :)  


Angie... by the said...

Hi Pamela!
Wow, it was soooo hard to choose. I'm going to have to go with the Party, though! That is amazing. It's so obvious how much work you put into each project. I sure hope you win that dt spot, you really worked for it and deserve it!

Katrina said...

Oh are going to make me choose???? I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

Ok, I have a couple of favs....the Rusty Pickle Chef album (how cute is that!) and the Interactive layout....very unique.....

Good Luck...I'm rooting for you!

Tffny said...

I'm going to go with the Party, although I really liked the hear and wing album.

Tffny said...

Sorry I'm not with it today, I ment the hearT and wing album.

Also, good luck on the Pickle DT, I hope you make it.

Lastly, thanks for giving away such cool blog candy!

Jingle said...

My favorite was the party, but I really love the interactive layout, too! You have done an awesome job with this race!

Stacy said...

They are all fantastic and they are crazy if they don't pick you. My favorite is the Chef album. So cute!

Heather McDaniel said...

You did a WONDERFUL job on them all but I would have to pick the recipe book as my favorite!!! I absolutely adore that one! Althought the layered mini is a very close second! =)

Deanne Burton said...

Pamela, after seeing all your projects I really think you have done an awesome job! I love the Hearts and Wings one but I think my fav has to be the party theme items! You've thought of everything right down to the thank-you cards! I love the colors and the fun-ness of if!!! It's super!!!
Best of luck, gal!!!

Jenn said...

I loved #3 the interactive layout, I thought it was such a clever idea and turned out super.

AWESOME blog candy, I just saw a card made with that camera stamps and ticket paper and I would love to be able to CASE it!

jtgmotter said...

I loved them all. You do an amazing job. I think my favorite though is the recipe book. I love how you incorporated real life recipes with comfort foods from childhood!

Klop Family said...

HI Pamela,

Wow! you do so great work. All your work is good but my fav is the layered mini album. I loved how you put it all togerther. also good luck on makeing the dt team.

Isabelle said...

Good luck! My favorite is the recipe album (#6).

HazelQ said...

This is hard! All of them are very cute and creative! I guess I will go for #4 - mini album, I loved the little notes you wrote, so sweet :)
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Annie Fiskateer #1326/SCDT member said...

I love them all you are very talented. My ultimate favorate is the Heart with wings mini album.

1. It's a Heart with Wings!
2. It's a mini album
3. Beautiful little girl!
4. You have skulls in it!
5. All of the texture you use to create the wings.

Thanks for the chance!

Cathy said...

My favorite is the heart and wing album. I love the effect when its open and of course the pink.

The party and are awesome too.

Michelle said...

i love all of them. but, if i just had to choose one i item i would say it would have to be the one for the 5th one. i just love all the folding and the colors are great.

all of the mini book are relly cool. i wish i would be able to make cool mini books like you did.

Harley Dee said...

Your Recipe book is my fave. I'm a sucker for recipes! :D

Sara said...

It was definitely hard to choose, but your Chef Album was just amazing! All of your creations are inspirational and your blog is so much fun, once again, best of luck with the call- I HOPE YOU GET IT!!!

Can't wait to see some more of your creations :)

Have a great weekend!


Jocelyn said...

They were all stunning projects..but the Chef Album was really awesome!!!! Have a great one! :)

Laura said...

I love all the party stuff followed by the hearts and wings album. Good luck Pamela. Hope you make the dt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela, Oh my goodness...the projects are totally awesome. However, since I can only choose one it has to be the Layered Mini Album. I love the topic. Fabulous workmanship & page designs. Love it!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a Kit.


Melissa said...

You really do fabulous work. My favorite is the heart and wing book about pink. :) LOVE IT! Congratulations on making it this far!

Thanks for doing this and good luck on making the team!

Brit Swiderski said...

The 5th Assignment- the Heart and Wings Minibook was my absolute fav. Love the pretty pink and all of the great touches you added! Thanks for the chance to win. You did an awesome just on all of your amazing race projects. :)

katmarie said...

great job on them all!! but my fave has got to be the recipe book- it is soo fun and cute and just put together so perfectly! good luck with the rusty pickle dt spot. how fun would that be??

Reel Girl said...

After looking through all of your projects, it was hard to pick just ONE fave! You have such a creative mind! My 2 faves are the interactive layout, the perfect day - that layout is just so clever and fun! And I absolutely LOVE the recipe book with the mix of life recipes and real recipes - what a great family heirloom!
Good luck!

inara said...

My fave is definitely the hearts and wings mini album!!! It is so romantic and sweet!

lovin2scrap said...

Pamela.... It has been awesome watching you complete in Amazing Race! Your projects are AMAZING, I think they would be lucky to have you as DT. It is a tough choice, but I really liked the sketch challenge. I loved the movement in this layout, the monochromatics and layers really brought this out!

Amy in Kansas

Jennifer Sloane said...

You have done an amazing job on all of your projects. My favorite would have to be the Heart and Wings mini album. I totally love the subject and effect of the entire album. Gives me some great ideas!

I wish you the best of luck on becoming a chef!

Jennifer said...

What a generous giveaway, thanks for the chance! My favorite is definitely the Amazing Race Assignment #5: Heart and Wings Mini Book. It's so girly and cute, and I have three girls so great inspiration!

Briana said...

I really enjoyed checking out your Amazing Race stuff! I liked your Recipe book that you made (and the jelly beans in your Party stuff made me hungry...) Good luck on making the design team over at Rusty Pickle!

Marcie said...

They are all so great, but I think the heart and wings mini-album is my favorite-just gorgeous work!

Rowee said...

I love your ARA #5 The heart and wings mini album!!!

Love all your work Pamela!!!


daily living said...

I really thought they were all great and creative but my favorite was #3. I find I like that look alot.

jpitta said...

Hi Pamela!
Your work for the amazing race has been incredible! I loved everything, but if I had to choose a favorite I think it would be the recipe book (#6). I love how you included real food recipes and recipes for life.... plus you get bonus points for the all nighter! ;o)
Good luck with the DT -- I hope you make it!

BrynnMarie82 said...

All your work is fab but I would have to say that my absolute favorite was the wings album. Could be because I just had a little girl too so I am lovin all things pink & girly right now but that just makes my jaw drop. I love it!!

Tiffany Moyer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mini album (assignment 2)! Good luck...all of your projects are great!

Amy said...

hard to pick just one ~ they're all great! good luck w/the DT call ~ you have an amazing chance :) my favs (if i have to pick) would be the first one and the the recipe book.

Rose Ann said...

Hi Pamela,
I loved the #6 REcipe Book...the way you combined food recipes with life recipes was one awesome idea!!! ~:o)

Much Good luck to you for your try at becoming a Rusty Pickle design team member, of course I think you are the best!!

Chrispea said...

Good luck on Rusty Pickle. I'll cross my fingers for you! Wow, what a generous giveaway!! Pick me, pick me! (waving my raised hand wildly!!) I think my favorite project for the race would be the recipe book. I just love the colors and how it's all put together. Very nice. Good luck!!!

scrapcat said...

Wow! you did a great job with ALL the assignments, but I love #4 - the layered mini album!
love the theme and the whole design!
Good luck!

Trace Geworsky said...

Hi Pamela,
I would have to say that my favourite is #6 the recipe book....You rocked all of the challenges though:)
Trace G

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Pamela - It was fun following the race through your blog. I am so freakin' exhausted just reading about it - you must need a vacation real bad!

All of your projects rocked. If you wanted me pick one favorite, I'd pick the heart and wings. Maybe it's the colors since I rarely have a chance to use pink! You rocked them all!

Cheryl Kosakura said...

Oh my, can I pick one than one?? One of my favorites is #6 the Rusty Pickle recipe album. Good luck on making the DT!

Brandy said...

My favorite was the recipe book. I love how you incorporated recipes for your everyday life. This is a great idea and I can't wait to try it out.

Good Luck!!!!

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

I love bright colors, so the last one #7 is definitely my fave.

Good luck!

joscelyne cutchens said...

Good Luck! They were all great! I think the pleating on that heart/wing album is my favorite though.

Connie said...

I would have to say my favorite is Amazing Race Assignment #7 Party!!! It is so much fun and the colours are so vibrant... But the other ones are fabulous as well but right now I am in the Party frame of mind with so many Children's B-days up and coming...
Good Luck with your next adventure in your life with Rusty Pickle. I'm sure with your talent you will do very well.

Angela W said...

Much luck on Rusty Pickle! I loved all your project, but the mini album was awesome!

Chris said...

Choosing is SOOO hard, but I fell in love with your recipe album when you posted it last week. The party definitely makes a close second. The collections used for both of those projects were SPOT ON!

carpediem said...

All of your projects are wonderful! My fav is your recipe album... it's amazing! Good luck on your quest to join the RP DT! laura j

Regina said...

Good luck with the race! They are all fabulous. I really like the party one. But I love the chef album too!

The Inkredible Crafter said...

Hi Pamela!

Love all of your creations, but the Party set is my fave. I do a lot of diaper cakes for baby showers and the birthday cake you made totally gave me inspiration. :-)

Terri ( Meterr) said...

Holy moley!! That interactive layout is GENIUS!! i love the while writing on black papers! Very elegant!!

salme said...

They are all wonderful! Good luck, Pamela!

My fave is The Party!

Benga said...

Goodluck on the call!
Thanks for the chance to a yummy giveaway!

Candace said...

This is crazy, I love "All" your creations
It's toss up between the Rusty Pickle Chef album and the Party.

Well, I'm going with the Rusty Pickle Chef.

Thanks for sharing.
Good luck