Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An intro to David or Pamela?

So I have had the study "David (90 Days with a Heart Like His)" by Beth Moore sitting on a table for several months.  I had bought it and really wanted to get back into a study...but then there it sat, untouched.  Has that happened to you?  If it has, I encourage to go, right now, and start that study!  I am thankful for people that remind us of such things.  A person who I don't even really know, who simply directed me back to my own blog...to my own Spiritual Journey was that reminder for me...I am thankful for her.

Anyways, I opened it up and started.

The introduction amused me.   As Beth introduced us to this person (whom we all have heard about) it sounded as if she was describing myself.  Not because I am anyone special (in the way that David was) but we do have a lot in common.  David was capable of having the most loving, disciplined relationship with God.  He was capable of doing right by God and helping others to also.  He was called (what I believe to be the highest compliment) a man after God's own heart.  But he was also capable of the worst sins...the kinds of things where we simply think "what was he thinking!!!"  And he did both...he had the best and the worst in him...very much like myself.  

I will leave you with a couple thoughts.  These are basic, simple truths.  But I think that perhaps us Christians have a problem, because we so often forget to come back to the basics, because we think it is for baby Christians.  I say it is for ALL Christians...to be reminded of over and over again.  

*  "...an intimate love relationship with God is the highest blessing possible in this life or the next."  (Beth Moore)

*  "Studying God's Word has enormous life-enhancing value."  (Beth Moore)

How could I have neglected such simple truths...truths that I KNOW to be true from my own experiences?  

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