Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ultimate Summer Challenge

Have you seen the "Ultimate Summer Challenge" that Scrapbooks, etc is having? We’ll I am gonna try for it. The grand prize winner gets $2500! The first challenge was to raid the sticker stash and use them in a new and creative way...anyways, my LO was picked as one of the ten finalists.

So check it out 
here, and if you like it then please vote for me! (You can vote once a day and it is open until June 25th).

There are no names on the images there.  This is my page:

What I did was randomly place letter stickers all over a sheet of cardstock.  (This is great for leftover letter stickers).  Then I painted over the whole thing for a subtle but fun background.  :)  


Jen said...

Oh how exciting!! I'll go take a peek a put a vote in for ya! :)

Chris said...

that is very cool Pamela! What a great idea!

Mel M. M. M. said...

I voted for you and put you in my toolbar so I can vote 3 more times before the 25th. I love your idea of using the letter stickers under paint. What an amazing way to use stickers & add texture! Sheer brilliance! :0)