Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun with Paint

Since the June kit at The Coconut ScrapShop has paint in it, I have been trying to think of fun ways to use paint.  Here's something I tried.  I took a collection of random embellishments and put them on cardstock.  

Then I painted everything white.  :)  This would work great with all those leftover embellishments that you know we all have.  

Here's the LO I made with this:

This LO started as me listing traits and it got me into some deep thinking.  :)  I started adding labels that people have placed on me.  I hate labels.  I have one scrapbook that is more of a journal, more personal...and I think this will go in there.  I may hang it on my wall for awhile to remind myself to not place labels on people.  I mean, even something that one wouldn't really consider a label: procrastinator.  I am one...I know it to be true, and I have never minded being called that.  But it got me really has a negative connotation.  It almost means irresponsible or lazy...but that is not true of many procrastinators.  Take myself for example, I thrive on pressure and I do better work!  In college, if I wrote a paper a week or two before it was due I wouldn't get as high a grade as if I wrote it all in the late hours the night before it was due.  Anyways...  :)  

Here are some other things you can do with paint:

  • Paint the edges of photos or papers.
  • Splatter paint on your LO for an artistic look.
  • Paint Chipboard (for a cool look, paint the chipboard and then add a rub-on or a collage of rub-on’s on top, or even stamp on top).
  • Stamp with paint instead of ink.
  • Paint a design.
  • Paint on top of stickers or templates and then remove the stickers or template for a negative painting effect.
  • Paint a section and then journal over it.
  • Paint an embellishment, such as a button or a metal piece. 
  • Add water to some paint and you will get a watercolor effect.
  • Swirl paint on the back of transparencies and then adhere to page.
  • Make your photo blend into the background by painting over edges and on to background paper. 
  • Paint circles behind buttons or elements on your LO’s.
  • Paint around edges of ghost shapes or transparencies.
  • Emboss and then paint over raised part or paint over raised part of corrugated cardboard. 
  • Paint behind single words in journaling to highlight them.
What other ideas do you have???  Share them with us!  :)  


inara said...

Great ideas! thank you! I love to reuse ugly stuff by making it pretty somehow, so this is a perfect post for that!

Jen Glover said...

This is fabulous! You LO is amazing! All the stiching too! I'm going to try this! I also appreciate the insight, you are so right! hugs!

TraceyT said...

There are so many fun elements here!