Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Scrap Room :)

So, as I have mentioned, I recently cleaned my scrap room.  It had gotten bad!  :)  Some of you have asked to see pictures, so I decided to post them.  Now it is nothing too fancy.  Some of the pictures you see of scrap rooms are SO pretty with everything coordinating.  Well...that is not me.  My room is a collage of stuff.  It's funny...because even though it is clean, it still looks messy and chaotic.  Oh well.  :)  Here are some pictures (and actually these pics were taken 3 days after cleaning and I had done a lot of scrapbooking, so there are a few things out):

evidence of a clean floor (sorta).  You should have seen all the piles I had laying around...I could barely walk.  :)


inara said...

What a great scrap room! You have lots of cool supplies!

Jen Glover said...

Pamela, this is soooo much fun to see your studio! awwww... basements! I miss my Colorado Basement! Florida does not have those! I think your studio is one of the best I have ever seen,and it looks clean to me! (You would die if you saw mine right now!) I love how you have your round stamps on pegs, and all of your stamps! whoa! Are the pictures of your kids on the drawers mean anything? Very organized! You are my hero! *giggle* But
Seriously, though... you ARE!

Alexandra said...

This is totally awesome Pamela - I am like you, lots of stuff, no real theme to my room, it's just well, mine! I think it looks great!! And, I see you have a LOT of Stampin' Up! Stuff, come on, show me some stampin' - LOL!


Stephanie M said...

I love your comment about your room before you cleaned it. I too have a "collage of stuff" and have to step over piles. Thanks for sharing your space! I just discovered your blog. I love sketches will definitely visit again.