Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cards :)

Just realized that I never posted my cards that I did at the beginning of the month when  I did the card workshop at my church.  Here they are: 

This one is hard to see because the actual card is white.  Sorry.  I should have outlined it or something.  Also, the design is not my own.  I came across a card like this a while back online and copied it into my idea folder...but neglected to save the info so I could give credit to the appropriate person for the sorry!  

Such a simple card, but people really enjoyed this one.  :)  

So sorry for the poor quality on this one.  I just scanned it, but because of the 3' didn't scan well.  I should have just took a picture.  Oh well.  :)  Anyways, it was a fun workshop with great response.  Our next one won't be until we do Christmas cards.  


Tabitha said...

I am partial to the first one since you sent it to me

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! love the pp on the star one!! Allie in Alaska

inara said...

very cute cards!!!