Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More BLOG CANDY!!! :)

The supply list (all comes with kit) is HUGE! Here are the highlights:
  • 6 x 6 chipboard album
  • all the papers
  • felt
  • tule
  • fibers
  • twine
  • pipe cleaner
  • lots of buttons
  • quote sheet on transparency
  • directions
  • metal binding rings

At the Coconut ScrapShop, we recently started our own message board.  You can find it here.  To be entered into a drawing for this awesome kit, you will need to go to the message board and make 5 posts.  It is easy, there are several threads that are just questions, so you can just go and answer some.  Oh, and don't forget to introduce yourself while you are there (that counts as a post).  After making 5 posts on the board, come back here and post a comment letting me know that you have done this.  :)  I will have a random drawing on Friday, May 18th, and one lucky winner will get this free kit.  :)  

GOOD LUCK!!!  :)  

And check here for even more blog candy (a gift certificate!).  


lavendarrose29 said...

I signed up and posted the five posts. I love the May kit. The montkly one I'm in stinks. I wonder if I can get out of it.

Ann said...

I made 5 posts. I really like that forum. Thanks for sharing the link. ~Ann

Debi said...

Hi Pamela, I visited the forum and registered after a little discouraging initial confusion, posted a bunch of comments! There are more topics I want to visit, but have to run right now. Will be back later.

CAKVD said...

Great contest Pamela!!! Love the prize too!!

Tracy (emmamom) said...

I posted 5 post. Just joined. Love what I see so far.

Tabitha said...

your layouts are beautiful, Thanks so much for the card, it made my day!

Christina said...

I signed up and posted 6 posts! Going to run the kiddos to school, and will come back and look through the rest. I was only able to get to a few so far! Love the layout!! Congrats on all of your 'toots'.

Luanne said...

I made 5 posts (really 6), under the name clreid99. It was fun playing the games. The site is looks godd.

tink13 said...


I signed up and I made my five posts. My username is tink13. I really like your blog.


Terri ( Meterr) said...

i made more than 5.. and ill be back!! i love the kit your giving away!! so summery!!! thanks!!

Jen Glover said...

Thank you everyone for coming over and saying hi! I just want to WELCOME you! It's so great to meet so many fun Coco'nutty Ladies! Hugs!

Nikki Bond said...

Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of the forum! There is some awesome topics there...i'll be vising often! I'll cross my fingers I win! {SMILES}

Janean Campbell said...

I wasn't sure if this was for new or old members...but I made 5 posts...

WTLM said...

I've joined and posted. I love the board.

BishopsMommie said...

I did it, I played the games. thanks was alot of fun i have bookmarked it

Rita said...

Pamela: THANKS FOR INTRODUCING THIS GREAT SITE! I love the kits, I am going to have to make a switch from my current kit club. Anyways, I made 5 posts and hope I am the lucky winner!


stephanie said...

HI Pamela
I signed up too. Love your give away - looks awesome. Love the site too. Just need some more time to play with it. My name is happyscraps

4guysandagirl said...

Hey Pamela. I signed up and did the 5 posts. Got to get the kids now but I'll definitely check it out more tomorrow!

Char- said...

I made 5 posts in the forum.
I never could post in the welcome new member though.
Great contest!

Glenda said...

My kit came today and I just have to add embellishments and the pictures and its done. I love it and am looking for another one to make because I had so much fun with this one.