Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So keep in mind as I tell you this story that my daughter is two.

This morning we arrived back to the house and she needed to take her coat off. She started to struggle and I asked her if she needed help. She yelled "no", she wanted to do it. She struggled more and more and got the zipper down to the bottom but couldn't get it to come apart. She started to throw a fit. She was screaming and crying, yelling that her coat wouldn't come off. Again I asked if I could help and she told me no, she wanted to do it.

As I watched her throw a fit, I was struck with the idea that this is how God sometimes sees us. Trying so hard to do things on our own, getting so upset when it doesn't work, but never asking for help from the One who can give it. Even when we are throwing a fit because it is not working...we still want to be able to do it (whatever it may be) on our own. We don't want help. We don't ask for help.

It seems so silly. Like a 2 year old throwing a fit because she can't get her coat off but refusing to accept help from her mother.

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