Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm up at 4am because I can't sleep. What's up with that??? And I have been so busy lately, you'd think I would just crash at night and sleep all night long. But no. So I thought I would get a head start on my day...maybe even get my post up on the blog. :)

So I am getting a little frustrated. My son wants to play soccer this summer. I keep thinking I need to get him signed up...don't want to miss the deadlines. But every time I get on they still have the Winter/Spring schedule up. When do you think they actually start registering kids for summer activities? I just don't want to miss it, Austin really wants to try soccer. Sometimes I am not sure that I am the best parent. A lot of parents all around me have their kids enrolled in all sorts of things, sports and other activities. We haven't done that.

We did have Austin do a basketball camp through our church not that long ago. It was his first sports experience (except swim lessons...which is one thing we have done!). Here's a layout I did of Austin's basketball camp.

The papers are all from My Little Shoebox. The stamps are from Unity. :)

I thought I would also share some pics from this weekend...

ok...we'll it's taking awhile to load my 200 pics from this weekend :) maybe I will try to go back to be and come back later. Sadly, it won't be 4am when this gets posted. :)

(Yes that is chocolate all over his hands!)

So now it is 9am and I am going to rant a bit....something I don't do too often, but right now I am just angry! I promised my son McDonalds for breakfast today because of something else that happened. So we go to McDonalds, wait in line to order, order, wait in line to get our food and when we got to the window to pay...I gave them my card. Here was what I heard "Oh I'm sorry, our credit card machine is down right now so we can't take cards right now." Well I didn't have any cash on hand! I was and am mad. First of all, why let me order and wait in line...second, what kind of company doesn't have a back-up plan with those old fashioned card swipers in case something like this happens, and third--then offer me another solution! Take a check! Or give me my food for free just because of the trouble. I'm serious, I was angry. Instead I got a fake smile and a "I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do." So we had to drive to another McDonalds...one not so close. So what do I do? Do you think I should file some kind of complaint or something? Would they even care? And why am I so furious about this?

Ok...I'll calm down now.

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone!


Marlene said...

First - beautiful photos. Your children are gorgeous.

Second - don't feel like a bad parent just because you don't have your kid signed up in a million activities. I had my girls in soccer and dance - and that was enough. My sister would often ask me why I didn't have them in baseball, golf, diving, bowling, etc. Whatevah!

Third - I'd be ticked with the whole McDonald's situation, also. I guess it's possible that they JUST found out their machines were down when you went to pay - but if they knew that at the time you placed your order, they should have said something - or in the very least, had a sign up informing the customer. Grrr.

Audra said...

super great layout!! I love the title!! and your easter pics are sooo cute!! ...as for mcdonalds, that really sucks, you should definitely call and complain... they'll probably at least send you some coupns or something. I hope your day gets better!! :)

Casey Wright said...

Yikes - that's so early! Hope you are getting some better rest! You are totally right about the McDonalds thing - just stinks that they didn't tell you to begin with. Also, Love your LO and your Easter pics are beautiful! Now GET SOME REST!!! :)

kellystar said...

Adorable photos. As far as McDonalds: I think you can go on their website and make a complaint (maybe they'll send you free coupons or something). I would be angry too.

Lastly, about kids activities...I have 4. It can get overwhelming. I really only let my kids do one activity at a time. I know people who sign their kids up for basketball and hockey (or whatever) and miss or are late for games. As someone who is committed to the activities we are signed up for, it is frustrating. And, if your kids are like mine...they like to "play". Time in the backyard is important too.

Jackie said...

Beautiful children. Don't feel bad about not putting them in activities. It will come soon enough. They are still young. The older they get the more THEY will want to do. Cherish the time now :)

I've heard of Upwards basket ball program, all rave reviews, great LO as usual :)

P.S. Complain to MCD's, you may get some free coupons or somthing ;)

kmassman said...

I like that you used the trendy banner on your layout! My son did Upward for 7 years before he got into high school and started in with Speech and Debate. Upward was so fun!

Steff said...

Darling photos! Love the bunny ears!

Star Rork said...

lol, you havent torched MCD's yet have you? Dont feel bad about the sports when they get older you will be doing enough running them around, enjoy the times they are young!

Denise said...

Love all the pictures of your beautiful kids, especially your son with the chocolate fingers!!! Pure joy! I also really like you layout. The circles work great with the sports theme.

Penny B. said...

Don't feel like a bad mom about the activities. You are looking and trying, and that counts for something! We do the one activity at a time also because I believe unstructured time is just as important to a child's development as structured time is. You might want to give them a call to see when sign up starts, because it seems like that would have started already.

erin said...

hi pamela,
ok, what a gorgeous layout first of all! and your children look so adorable in their fancy outfits as my 3 yr old would call them.
and seriously vent away, this is your blog afterall!
i hear you too...btw, just had a little session with stress myself over choosing activities for my girls, running our household, planning vacas, and scheduling just family time in as well. you're not alone!