Monday, April 28, 2008

A Supportive Husband

I have mentioned this before, but I have a very supportive husband...he doesn't give me a hard time about scrapbooking at all.  He really is awesome.  Anybody else got an awesome, supportive husband...give him a shout out in the comment section.  :)  Anyways, so in honor of my is a LO:

I actually included it in my HOF entry, under the favorites assignment.  There is quite a lot going on in this page.   Not exactly my typical work, but I do love all the details.  

Journaling Reads:
  • He doesn’t mind being called “DH”
  • He gives honest feedback
  • He takes time to look at your work
  • When guests arrive at the house, he proudly gets out your scrapbooks
  • He knows exactly what “SOY” and “HOF” are
  • When CK calls, he calls his mother
  • He knows exactly how much money you have spent on scrapbooking supplies
                    and the #1 sign:
  • He doesn’t comment on the pile of laundry, despite the fact that he knows how much time you’ve spent scrapbooking. 
Journaling on circle reads:
DH=Dear Husband (I learned this on the CK Message Board,  CK=Creating Keepsakes (magazine), SOY=Scrapbooker of the Year, HOF= Hall of Fame (these are CK’s two biggest contests), LO=layout, SB=Scrapbook, pp=patterned paper, CS=Cardstock, WTG=Way to Go! TLF=Thanks for looking  :)    LOL
Supply List
  • Cardstock—Stampin’ Up! 
  • Patterned Paper—Basic Grey, Rusty Pickle, Mustard Moon, Stampin’ Up!
  • Stamps—ART Warehouse, Limited Edition
  • Paint—Making Memories
  • Ribbon—DCWV
  • Hambly Overlays
  • Chipboard stars—Rusty Pickle
  • Computer Fonts—Elephant (the numbers), Dirty Ego (Dirty ego--journaling list), CK Man’s Print (journaling on circle), CK Melton (title),  Anklepants (on photo)
  • Letters—Part of the Boys will be Boys kit by Rhonna Farrer, downloaded at
  • Markers—Stampin’ Up!  
  • Computer Software Program—Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10
  • Brads—Making Memories
  • Embroidery Thread—DMC


Miss Onigur said...

WoW! Isn't is great to have a supportive DH? I do. If we had space, he would build me a scrap room! But until then, have to wait until dd goes to college (3yrs) and ds can move to her room and his room will become my "Scrap Room!" Yea!!!
Great LO. Veronica

lovin2scrap said...

Great LO... tfs!
My DH earned a few points this weekend as well! He went to Kansas City while I stayed home with dd. While there he took my Archivers coupons and armed with a "list" he stood in the store and found some of the things I requested!! (Gotta use those coupons and free cs) It did take several phone calls as he described things to me and I looked up stuff online... but he hung in there and did it! Then he called back and said "Did you know you had 2 coupons? Would you like me to go back?" And then when I got my sacks that evening, he had picked out a few things that caught his eye!! (some dance rub ons; band paper, and college logo and buttons!) WoW !

CAKVD said...

I really enjoyed your journalling on this! Very fun - he sounds like a great guy!

Amanda L. said...

love this concept for a layout...great journaling....and yes, I too have one of those supportive hubbies...aren't they great?

Janean Campbell said...

My Dh is pretty supportive. As long as I don't say anything to him about the money he spends on his salt water aquarium goodies, he doesn't say anything to me about my time and money spent on SB'ing. Even enables me at times.. What can I say.

Anonymous said...

Your dh sounds great!! Mine is super supportive too-he loves that I scrapbook and I am saving our memories for our kids!! Great job Pamela!!
Allison in Alaska

Christina said...

Love the layout!!! It's nice to have someone who will love ans support what you do!!!