Friday, December 12, 2008

The Hat

There's been a lot of sickiness and yuckiness at our house, but I do have another page to post for you. I participated in a scraplift tag at Paws on Scrapbooking. It was fun, I have never really done anything like that before. One person is in charge and people sent layouts to her. One person scraplifts the first layout, and then the third person scraplifts the second layout, and so on. But none of us see the layouts except the one we are lifting. It kind of reminds me of that secret game where you go around in a circle and tell a secret and you see how different it is at the end. Anyways, we haven't seen the layouts yet, but I am posting mine on my blog because I am pretty sure that nobody from that site visits my blog (the site is pretty new to me). So, here's mine:

I got out my new Wassail line from Basic Grey for this layout. It really is a beautiful line of paper.

Last Christmas, my son went around to everyone all day trying to get them to wear the Santa hat. He loved the hat. I thought it was funny. My favorite pictures of the whole thing were the guys, who didn't look extremely happy to be wearing it. Come on guys...where's your Christmas spirit? :)

I wish you all the best of Fridays!


inara said...

that layout is beautiful!

annie2006 said...

what a cute story and lo

Jessica said...

that is a great story and love the pg. so much!

christina said...

cute the story too