Monday, September 22, 2008


Thanks to everyone who voted for me.  And, I have been so bad lately at checking out other's blogs...I didn't even realize that some of you had posted on your own blog for people to vote for me!  That was so sweet...thank you!  I didn't win...but I have an album I am happy with and I will expand it too, so when I do new pages I will share them with you.  I've been kinda down this week...I was so excited for the final challenge and then I was just discouraged.  But I am happy with who did win, it was a very creative album.  

Now I got to get back to scrapping so I have some new stuff to post!  :)

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Jen said...

Hey Pamela,
Sorry you didn't win. I didn't know there were voting friend who I was voting for is bummed too...but I guess how it turned out was how it was meant to be. Saw that you posted a couple of comments on my blog and went to the link in the email that was sent to me and I was like...wait...I know this blog...the comment about liking office and cleaning supplies sparked my memory...way too funny. Your work is excellent...was looking at the slide show at the top of your blog...excellent!!! Keep your chin up...something else will happen for you...I'm sure of it. I was bummed when I made it to the top ten a few times but then didn't get the votes to make it to the final challenge...but I got over it and I'm pressing on! ;D Have an excellent night!!!
PS...thanks so much for commenting on my blog...nice to know there are people out there!!!