Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Evolution Of An Art Journal Spread

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share a bit of my process and a few techniques with you.

Really...I'm just going to show you how my brain works when I am creating. So when I pull out my art journal, I always cover my pages with some gesso to create a rough blank canvas.

The book I am using is from Fancy Pants Designs and it has a photo sleeve in between these two case you were wondering, and that second page in my spread actually has a folder. 

 My next step was to add some patterned paper to my pages. I pulled out the fun School Days collection from Ruby Rock-It for this part. 

 Because these serve as my background, and I like my backgrounds more subtle, I covered my papers with gesso.

 Next, I pulled out some fun treats from our swap partners at Ruby Rock-It. I used a die blank from Spellbinders (the Birds One set) and some Mayan Gold velvet dimensional paint from Art Anthology. I used the die blank as a stencil and painted around it: 

 Leaving it like this: 

 Then on the second page in the spread, I hand cut petals out of patterned paper from School Days and adhered to my page to make flowers. 

 I painted around my petals and hand wrote the word blessed: 

 I decided I wanted to tone down the black a bit, so I added stitching around the flower petals and painted more gesso over the word blessed. 

 I was much happier with that look. :) 

 Then I went back to my first page. I decided to make the third bird in that row stand out, so I used my Birds One dies and cut a bird from patterned paper and added it on top of the third bird. I added paint around the edges and wrote the words "stand out" underneath it. 

 One of my favorite things to add to my pages are ink rings. So I took some Watermelon Colorations Color Spray from Art Anthology and sprayed some ink onto a small plastic tray. I then took a random lid and dipped it into my ink to create my rings: 

 I actually think I went a tad overboard on the rings. I usually like to add 3 to a page or 5 to a spread. I did more. :) So here's the second page with the rings and I also tucked some school photos from the boys into the pocket. 

 And then I also created some 4x6 cards to slide in the photo sleeves in between the two pages. So here's what it looks like: 

 Well there you have it. :) 

 Thanks for stopping in today!!!


Nágela said...

Besides making this beautiful piece is so much fun!

Barbara Greenberg said...

Have never heard of ink rings, I'll be adding some to layouts now. Love your journal book.

Rose Ann said...

Girl you are rocking the journal!! Love all the techniques you used. thanks for sharing it is beautiful!

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