Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Minute Gal

So I've always been a bit of a procrastinator.  For example, my assignments for Fancy Pants Designs were due today.  I slept in (as late as I could), dilly-dallied around a bit, and then decided to work on my last project (due today).  Every now and then I am able to plan ahead, and I love it, but for the most part...I'm a last minute gal.  That's my confession for today.  ;)

Truth is, if I had waited even longer...til I was stressed and worried I wouldn't make it in time, then I would probably like my layout even more.  Then's when I do my best work.   It's weird.


So I have my last layout to share with you.  It uses the fun Trendsetter collection from Fancy Pants.

Things to note about my layout:

*  This layout has a lot of layering on it.  When I do this, I like to lay it all out before adhering things down.  Makes it easier. 
*  I am still in love with the stencil cards from Fancy Pants Designs.  I have used them in many different ways.  For this layout I took out some of the pieces of the design, but not all of them.  I think it creates a fun, unique touch to your layout.
*  Design experts will tell you that elements in three are best (or at least in odd numbers).  I am a rule-thrower-outer, but in most cases I do like my elements in three.  For example, I used both the negative and positive parts to a heart stencil card on my layout, so to create a third heart I stitched around the "ME" in my title.  Now there are three hearts in a row in my design.  
*  Like the "messy" look of ink splatters on your projects?  Well, why not try a twist and add some glitter spots.  I just added a touch of liquid glue to my layout then sprinkled on glitter for a fun splattered look.  :)  Don't be afraid of it getting messy...if you look at my dots, they are far from perfect!

Here are some close up's of my layout:

Well thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

Give me a shout out if you too are a last minute gal!  :)

Have a fantastic day!


Chark said...

yay for last-minute projects! this turned out great and I was always like this in school...and I do it for challenges too. My daughter turned in a contest entry at the last minute and won 3rd place, so it must run in the family!

Leslie Hanna said...

I'm NOT a last-minute gal, though I also do my best work under pressure. I much prefer to work ahead, though, and get my mental list trimmed down. It helps me sleep better. Yes, I need to sleep. :D

I LOVE that you only took out part of the "slats" in that yellow piece! Genius! It allows for two different looks at the same time. I'm stealing it!

Cathy said...

I'm not the last minute type at all. Lately, I have been more so, and it seems to be working for me. Even found the time to get back into scrapbooking for the first time since I left SC DT, like 2 years ago. I'm a bit out of the loop with everything and companies are gone and new ones are here.

Lee-Anne Thornton said...

I tend to be work better under pressure, hence I am a last minute kind of girl myself. I love your layout and the idea of glitter splatters is awesome!

Christy said...

Well I LOVE it...loving that background!

Ruth G said...

I love your fun LO! So many great trendy elements there and yet a very vintage feel that goes so well with your subject!
I work best when I have some time to sleep on a sketch or LO and wake up knowing what I need to do, but I also am inspired by deadlines - they help to get me focused and excited about a project and I get more done if I have a deadline that I "have" to meet for a challenge.
Thanks for sharing a bit about your process! It makes me feel a lot less alone with how I work!

Rose Ann said...

Great layout, the glitter idea is fantastic! Have a wonderful day!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the glitter splatters! I ended up trying them on a layout: