Thursday, September 29, 2011

MY Psalms of Ascent

Recently I finished the Stepping Up Bible Study that Beth Moore wrote. It takes us through the Psalms of Ascent. After each study on a specific Psalm, we wrote our own Psalm. Mine tried to follow what the original Psalm said but also reflected how it applied to me personally. Some of them get real personal and reflect what was going on in my own life at that time. Some of them came together a lot easier then others. Some may seem out of place, but if you compare them to the Psalms of Ascent (Psalm 120- 134) then you will see where I am coming from. Anyways, I thought I would share them all here. I hope to make a book of them too.

MY Psalm 120

Oh Lord, I am in great distress.
I call to You and You answer.
Save me from the damage of lies and deceit.
Keep me from the lies.
May those who lie and deceive either change and come to you
or get what they deserve.

It hurts Lord. The lies hurt.
Woe to me for being put in this situation.
I long for peace and love.
But instead all I get are lies and deceit.

MY Psalm 121

I see a long journey ahead of me
with many hills and turns.
But I know my hopes and trust should go to God
who is my true help along this journey.
He will not let go of me
or let this world trip me up.
He does not sleep or take breaks.
He is my active protector!
Thank you Lord!

You watch over me
and you are my refuge.
You hold me tight
and are my shield.

You are my protector on this journey.

MY Psalm 122

Sunday mornings bring me joy
for I get to go to the house of the Lord.
My city needs you.
I am here
and I know you have brought me here.
This area is full of people.
Let us praise You!

I pray for peace in Denver.
Take care of us.
Help me to do what I need to do
for the people of Denver.
We seek you.
Help us prosper.

MY Psalm 123

I lift my eyes to You oh Lord.
You reign!
May I look to you as a servant to her master.
I want to serve You.
I want my focus to be You.

Show me your mercy and grace.
Help me to feel your favor and love.
I do feel like I have endured a lot--
A lot of disrespect, a lot of hurt.
When I think about it all, I feel stupid,
used and unloved.
It's hard to bare.
Yet you continually show me grace and love.
Please help me to do the same.

MY Psalm 124

The Lord is on my side.
If He had not been on my side
when I was attacked
I would have been left in pieces.
The mountains would have covered me,
the rocks would have damaged me.
Life would have left me dead.

But praise to God
who has not let me be ripped apart.
He has saved me
from the devil's schemes,
whose plans are foiled
and has no grip on me.

My help comes from the Lord
maker of heaven and earth.

MY Psalm 125

Those who trust in the Lord
will not be shaken or moved.
The Lord surrounds His people forever.
The righteous will not be overcome
by the wicked.
Take care of us oh Lord,
those who know You.
Defend us against those who do evil.
Banish them and give us peace.

MY Psalm 126

When the Lord worked
a miracle in my life
I was happy and joyful,
full of laughter and song.
It was said that the Lord
has done a great thing.
And they were right,
the Lord did a great thing.

Work a miracle again oh Lord,
Take these tears and hard work
and bring restored joy.
For surely if we persevere
You will overwhelm us with blessings.

MY Psalm 127

If God is not in something
you labor in vain.
If God is not watching out for you
then you are guarded in vain.
It means nothing when you work early
or when you work late.
God grants sleep to those He loves.

Children are a gift, a blessing.
They are quick to defend you
and quick to be on your side.
You are blessed if you have many children.
They will be able to handle their enemies.

MY Psalm 128

Blessed are those that revere God
and choose to walk in His ways.
You will be rewarded.
You will be blessed.

Be like the vine that produces fruit
and your family will produce fruit too.
This is how those who revere God are blessed.

May the Lord bless you
all of your days.
May you see prosperity
and live to see your grandchildren's fruit.

MY Psalm 129

Lord I am tired of being oppressed.
I am tired of being hurt.
But I am not down!
Others have tried to walk all over me.
But the Lord is righteous and good!
He gives me freedom.

May You hear my complaints
and my frustrations about such people.
May You take action that I cannot.
The Lord is my defender.

MY Psalm 130

Oh Lord, out of the depths my soul cries to You!
Please hear my cries.
I need You to hear my cries.

Oh Lord, thanks for not keeping a record of sins,
for who could stand?
And thank you for the forgiveness
that is so undeserved.
I am in awe of You.

I will wait on You!
I will put my hope in You!
I will pay attention and watch for you.

My hope is in the Lord
for the only faithful love comes from Him.
With Him there is full redemption.
He will wipe our sins away.

MY Psalm 131

I have humbled myself oh Lord
and do not have the knowledge that You have.
I will trust all things to You.
For You do way better then me.

I long only to be with you.
To be held.
To be comforted.

My hope is in You!

MY Psalm 132

Oh Lord, please remember the hardships we endure.
May I have the fire and passion that David had
to be in the house of the Lord.
May I find Your dwelling place.
May I worship at your footstool.

Arise Oh Lord, and meet me here.
Clothe me with righteousness and joy.
Do not reject me.

For I know my Lord hears my prayers.
I will keep my covenant with the Lord.
For Christ has come!!!
He has chosen us.
We are His kings and priests.
He will clothe us in righteousness
and we will sing with joy!
For God's Annointed One has come.
His crown outshines all.

MY Psalm 133

How good is it to
live in unity!
It is as good as knowing
you are a child of God.
It is as good as
two nations coming together.
The Lord blesses those
who live in unity.

MY Psalm 134

Oh Lord I praise you now!
May I do what I have come to do!
May I praise you all my days!
And may Your blessings surround us.

I am so glad I did this study, it was just what I needed at this time in my life. Isn't it funny how that happens, you do a study and it is just what you needed. I am glad I typed this up too...if for nobody but myself. :)

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