Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Favorite Journal EVER

I used to journal when I was growing up.

A lot.

But in my adult years, that is simply something that I never really had time for I guess. But with my world being turned upside down this year, I am finding the desire to start journaling again. I am wanting to be honest, real and raw...and a journal is an excellent way to do that. So I made it my project this week to create a journal and start journaling again.

Enter the fabulous Artist Edition Brag Book from Fancy Pants Designs:

This book is seriously amazing! It was designed with the busiest of scrapbookers in mind. This book has everything you need to store your most cherished moments. With a customizable cover, 50 scrapbook/journaling pages, 15 - 2 slot photo protectors (holds up to 60 - 4" x 6" photos), and 15 pocket folder pages for storing your favorite memorabilia, you can't go wrong. You can buy the book at here or at 2 Peas here.

But instead of using it as a brag book...I am using it as a journal. A fun...totally my style, personal journal. In it I WILL include some photos along with some Bible verses, art, scrapbook layouts in the size of 4 x 6 and more...whatever I am feeling at the moment.

Here's what I made:

It uses the AWESOME It's The Little Things collection from Fancy Pants. It includes lots of layering and fun...and a bit of artsy-ness. :)

It uses a lot of rub-on's too. I love rub-ons. Always have.

Here are some close up's of the cover:

And inside this book you find several pages already ready to journal on. I threw in a few rub-on's or embellishments just to add a little to the pages, like this:

And I wanted to make several 4 x 6 cards with Bible verses on them that I could stick in the photo pages. Here's some:

And finally...I altered ever so slightly the folder pages, with a little bit of rub-ons...

I actually really like how the journal turned out. And I am excited to start journaling and getting personal.

Don't worry...I won't share it all with you. :)

And before you ask...because I know someone will ask.


What you need:

* Journal
* Gesso
* Lid or Random Object to make circles
* Ink or Paint (or both!)

I slathered on Gesso all over my cover.

I got messy.
I didn't care.

Then I took a lid (happens to be a lid to one of my Glimmer Mist bottles) and made circles in my Gesso before it dried.


After it was dry, I covered it with ink (Pink Glimmer Mist). Then I took a wipe and wiped off much of the ink.

It looked kinda like this afterwards...

I went a step further and added a bit of pink paint...

And totally got carried away. I was trying to take a picture of my putting on the paint and ended up putting WAY too much paint on my don't don't need to waste that much paint.

Anyways...then I took a baby wipe and wiped off a bunch of paint.

Leaving it looking like this:

As you can see...when I was putting on my Gesso, I also splattered some to give it a bit more of a messy look.

Sometimes I just like being messy. :)

And before you leave I do have one other quick thing to share with you. :)

Yesterday on the Fancy Pants blog, they shared a bunch of projects using the new Baby Mine's a sneak of another new layout from me...

So check out that post HERE to see the full layout as well as what others did with the line. :)


That was a long post.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC week!


Scrappy Katie said...

Awesome journal! I must see if I can get that over her.

Margie H said...

Love what you did to your journal - thanks for the tutorial! Can't wait to see the rest of that sneak! LOL!! Have a great day :)

Hannie C said...

Interesting journal. For me, I might have problem using it since it is just too pretty to scribble around...

Alison said...

Love what you did with the journal!
Alison xx

Jackie said...

It's beautiful :)

Lynn said...

wow! that is awesome. love your tutorial. tfs!

Jingle said...

This looks amazing! Wonderful!

Connie said...

this is great!!! you did a super job~

Sharla said...

Absolutely love the journal, love the messy paint on the front, and all the fun embellishments.

Casey Wright said...

Love this! It's amazing - I'm so going to try to use some Gesso - I've been waiting, it's go time!

Rhonda Miller said...

This sounds like a great journal. I think I'll have to check it out for my kids for their summer fun memories. I just love how you've decorated yours. TFS.

Jocelyn said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEE your journal!!!! It turned out perfect!!!

Thanks for the how to's!!!! I have been taking lots of classes doing mixed media and I love how the front of the journal turned out!!!!

Wishing you a great one and thanks foe the love that you left for me..I so appreciate it!!!

Have a great one!!! :-)

~Christina~ said...

I'm gonna have to get me one of those...what an awesome journal project!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is AWESOME! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the papers you used on it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jolanda said...

wow,Pamela,this is amazing!!very pretty journal....for a journey through life!
Pretty work!!
Have a nice day!

Hi I am Christy said...

I LOVE your journal!! I love making things like this and rub-ons are my favorite thing to use.

Nerrida said...

Oh wow, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love it! You are so creative and I love that little birdie collection. I to have started journalling again and its amazing the detials you for get if you don't write them down - good for you.

hilde janbroers said...

simply amazing!!! love your handwriting too!!!

Tassie Deb said...

wo. Wow. Wow. Wow.Wow. Pamela, this journal is divine. Thanks for the how-to as well.
Take care,
Deb xox