Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Check it out!

Check out the Fancy Pants blog today. :) I have a fun layout up and the rest of the girls did a great job too...we are showcasing the Love Birds Alphabet Stickers.

I am sick today. :( Was yesterday too. My bed is calling my name. Think my kids will sleep all day so I can too? Didn't think so.

Have a great day!


Jolanda said...

we are all sick too,over 7 days now we have the griep (i think it's flew in english)high fever and so....sometimes it's so bad to be a mom....we can't be sick....
but we will get'r L/O looks very nice gonna check the site now!!
Take a rest and a hot thee with sugar!!get well soon!!!

hilde janbroers said...

going to have a look!!
Hope you feel better soon...hugs

Diane said...

I saw your page over there and it is always so nice to be on a site and see your work. Feel better soon!

Lynn said...

love the colors and hope you feel better. FAST.