Monday, October 5, 2009

SC Sketch 164

Ok, so this week's sketch is really not a new sketch, I posted it in the Scrap and Stamp group a little while back. But here's your chance to see it again and maybe do it this time.

Here are some samples from the fabulous SC gals...


Post a link if you play along!

And have a terrific Monday!!! I'm actually not feeling too well today, so I hope that goes away quickly.


Jody said...

I love that sketch...I hope you're feeling better very soon :)

Kristine said...

That's an awesome sketch and I love all the samples (esp. that first one---tooo CUTE!) :)

I hope you feel much better very SOON Pamela!! We just got over it at my house. Well, mostly over it :)

scrapbookmom79 said...

feel better soon!!

Hope i can give this sketch a try

scrappinpsycho said...

Hope your felling better. I'm looking forward to doing this sketch!

Chrispea said...

That is a great sketch. Love the clouds. I actually have clouds that I cut out for another layout, but didn't use, maybe I should put them to good use, huh???

STAMPMOM9 said...

Love the sketch.. Sorry you are feeling under the weather...hope you feel better real soon!!!! Pamela when you get a chance check out my blog I talked about the challenge and you..thanks, Dawn

Shir Benovich said...

As usual, love your sketch!

And here's my layout:
Click Here