Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Put Away the Puffy Paint Pamela!

I've been doing this thing lately.  I make perfectly fine layouts, then I decide it needs something more, so I pull out my 3D paint and add to the design.  The last two layouts I actually made the title with the 3D paint.  But both times, afterwards, I was like "what was I thinking? I don't like this at all!"  Fortunately, when I have came back in the morning and looked at it again, I had decided that it didn't look as bad as a I thought it did.  But I still think I need to take a break from the 3D's been on all of my recent layouts (pretty much).  I have promised myself that the next one I do will not have any.  :)  Am I weird, or does this happen to everyone with something?  

So many of you know, but the DT over at Coconut ScrapShop (which I am proudly part of) was asked (by BMPS!) to make layouts with several of Black Market Paper Society's lines of paper.  Love them!  I thought I missed out on the opportunity because I was out of town (for Summer CHA) but then they still want my layouts.   They will use them at the next CHA.  So I am thrilled about that...what a cool opportunity.  And I got lots of time to get stuff done too.  :)  They sent tons of goodies and I finally got to play some with the new stuff.   Here is a layout I made last night with the "Imported Rhythm" line:

To see the other layouts I have made with Black Market Paper Society's stuff, just click on their tag on the right side of my blog.  And you can currently buy this line of paper from Jen here.


Alexandra said...

Don't put this away - it's fabulous!! I totally love this!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jen said...

Pamela - LOVE the puffy paint! That layout is so fun. Love the cut out pic. Congrats on your BMPS opportunity. That is just awesome!

Kori said...

I've always wanted to scrapbook but I have no clue where to even begin.

Thanks so much for visitng yesterday.

~Telah said...

That is such an awesome layout!And the puffy paint really makes it pop.