Saturday, March 8, 2008

A tagging and a couple pictures

Seriously...who started this tagging thing????? Whose bright
idea was it...ok well it works :) and now I will share:
Seven Random Things About Me
Here’s how it works:

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I actually was tagged by two people: Tabitha and Dee.  
(Check out their cool sites with their awesome work)

Here are my *new* 7 Random Things about ME!  
I had to go back to my previous threads to make sure I
didn't duplicate, after this I may have
nothing else to share :)

1. I love the Boulder Dinner Theater.  I go there often.  
In fact, we are going tomorrow night.  I would rather
go to this small dinner theater than to the big fancy
productions (and I have been to both).

2. I always wanted to have 4 kids.  We have two.  I
secretly wish for twin girls (But even my husband
doesn't know that).

3. I am scared of the ocean and everything in it.

4. My whole childhood I said I wanted to grow up and
be a lawyer.  My parents used to believe that it would
really happen...they thought I was good at arguing.  :)

5. A previous boyfriend of mine...the one I
now gay.  And I have heard rumors of another previous
boyfriend being gay.  Sometimes I wonder if I do that
to men.  :)

6. I hate feet.  More appropriately, I hate my feet.

7. I played with Barbie til middle school, and I would
have played with them in high school if it had been
more socially acceptable.  :)  
And now I am off to do some tagging :)  But let me
leave you with a couple pictures.

I started playing with the new camera today.  Here
are a few of my favorites, not because they are great
photos, but because they are fun and real.  :)
This picture of my youngest was taken after he accidentally threw dirt all over himself. LOL. Boy was he surprised and not too happy about that.

And who knows what Austin is doing here, but he never stops. :)


Dee Bibb said...

AWESOME pics with that new camera!!!! Keep them coming!

Jen Glover said...

Pamela, Great pics! LOVE your new camera, and your boys are Cuties too!~

scrappyhappy08 said...

Great pics!! boys will be boys!!!lol