Friday, March 28, 2008

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!

Where do you find your inspiration?  Only in things that are strictly scrapbooking related like in online galleries or scrapbooking mags?  I challenge you to look all around will find inspiration...maybe even in the craziest of places.   Like, perhaps, a dirty, unfinished bathroom wall.  :)  That is what I did.  

Crazy, but true.  I looked at it several times and a scrapbook page was always crying out to me.  LOL...maybe that means I am mentally ill.   :)  Nah...  Here is the page I created:

And, not as impressive...but something else I was inspired by was the television.  Actually if I sit and watch commercials or intros to show, I can almost always find inspiration for scrapbooking.  When I would watch America's Next Top Model...I always thought the intro section would make for a great page.  Finally, I just did it.  

And the LO:

What is the craziest thing you have been inspired by?  If you don't usually do so, take time this week to look around you at ordinary things for inspiration with your scrapbooking. :)  


Tabitha said...


noel joy said...

oh i love this! you rocked those daily inspirations. love how your pages turned out!

scrappermimi said...

You are inspiring just seeing those things as inspiration! TFS!

Great LO's!

Jen Glover said...

Pamela, that is so amazing! ( and kind of funny in your bathroom!) You are soooo talented! HUGS!

The Artistic Muse said...

What a great layout! Love it!!!!
Thanks for stopping by recently.