Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Journaling Prompts Tuesday

  • Traditions.  This is the time of year for traditions, tell us about yours. (Don't just think Christmas day, for example, we always drive around looking at Christmas lights the week before.)  What traditions have you kept from your own childhood?  What traditions have died out? Or is there a new tradition you want to start?
  • What is the meaning of Christmas?  Why do you celebrate?  Don't be afraid to include your faith in your scrapbooks.
  • How do you decorate (both inside and outside)?
  • When does the Christmas music start?
  • When does the tree go up?
  • Who has the most Christmas spirit in the family?  Do you have a family grinch?
  • How has your celebrations changed over the year?
  • Do you enjoy this time of year or is it just too busy and product heavy?
  • Who do you celebrate with?
  • What's the best part of Christmas?  Answer this yourself or try asking family members and recording it.
  • What's the worst part of Christmas?  Answer this yourself or try asking family members and recording it.
  • What parties are you going to this year?  Do you host one?
  • Do you always visit Santa?  How about comparing Santa pics or letters over the years.
  • Do you do the elf on the shelf? Make a collage of pictures of your elf.
  • Do you take Christmas pictures every year?  Once again, you could compare them from over the years.
  • Do you mail out Christmas cards or letters?
  • Create a "signs of Christmas" layout, with pictures around your home or city that indicate it's Christmas time.  
  • Who wraps the gifts?  What other roles are played at Christmas time?
  • How do you do gifts?  Does everyone get one from each person or do you draw names?
  • Do you travel or stay home?
  • Handmade Christmas...what have you made yourself?
  • If you have multiple celebrations, compare them.  (For example, we celebrate with my in-laws and also with my parents.  One is controlled and "in order": one person opening a gift at a time, clean up after each gift, etc. while the other is just complete exciting chaos.)  
  • Do you make a big meal?  Is it always the same or do you change it up?  Try including recipes.
  • If you have a busy calendar this December, scrap it to show just how busy you were.  
  • How do you keep the focus on what is really important this time of year?
  • Don't just stop at taking pictures of people opening gifts...take pictures of the mess afterwards.  :)
  • Do you dress up or keep it casual?
  • Do you clear out the old to make room for the new?
  • How does your city celebrate?  What does it look like?  
  • Is there snow on the ground and does it look like what you typically think it should for Christmas or maybe it's a non-traditional beach Christmas.  
  • Do you do cookie exchanges?  (Those are some fun photos!)
  • After the kids have their Christmas breaks, are they ready to go back to school or dreading it?
  • Does this time of year make you miss someone special?
  • What's something you need to remind yourself or someone else every year?  (i.e. Keep it simple, focus on what matters, we are blessed, we can't have/do it all, etc.)
  • Share some Christmas memories from your childhood.  
  • What are the colors of Christmas?  
  • What are the smells of Christmas? 
  • What are the tastes of Christmas?
  • What are the sounds of Christmas?
  • What are the feelings of Christmas?
  • Create a list of gifts given or received and scrapbook it.
  • What happens after the celebrations are over?  Do you crash? Do you return/exchange gifts to the store or maybe shop for what you didn't receive?  
  • What Christmas movies do you see every year?  Is it just you or does the whole family watch them?  
  • Do your kids believe in Santa?  If not, did you tell them or is it because of something else?
  • If money was no object, what would you want to receive or give this year?
  • Are you an angel-topper or a star-topper (tree).
  • Real or artificial tree.  Why?
  • What would make this Christmas the best ever?
  • What are your "firsts" this Christmas?  We are great at scrapbooking our firsts for babies, but it stops when they grow up.  But we are still experiencing firsts, did you have any firsts this Christmas?

As always, shout it out if you have more suggestions and I will add them to the list!!!

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Connie Mercer said...

you are so good at this~super list!!!

Shannon stout said...

Thank you for the prompts! I LOVE getting the prompts!

Gina Lideros said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful prompt ideas Pamela! We just got our tree up this past weekend, I am inspired to take lots of photos now.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These are awesome ideas! Thank you!

Penny said...

Thanks Pam, I'm going to copy and paste them so I can remember all of these! Love Penny