Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How silly it is

I just prayed the most ridiculous prayer. But unfortunately we do it all the time.

I was praying asking for direction with some stuff in my life that just doesn't seem to be going my way...or progressing in any way. I found myself saying something like "Lord, if we could just do things my way this time..." And I caught myself. It was like I could hear God saying "We could do things your way this time child, but you will miss out on so much." Honestly, why would I want a human, flawed plan when I could have God's perfect plan for me. It may not be what I think I need. But He knows more then me!!! I know...shocking, right? No. We all know better. HE knows what I need. He knows what YOU need.


Jessica said...

Amen. But I completely catch myself praying that way sometimes too. Have faith, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. :)

Karen Linarez said...

After I found your scrapping blog and I just had to check out your others. I soo know what you mean. I'm from Colorado, but not living there now, and wish I was. I sometimes think will God ever answer my prayers to move back home, and then He reminds me He knows best. Thank you for the great reminder!