Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dare you to MOVE!

So, I was in a quiet car today.  2 of my kids were with me, both asleep and the other was at school.  It's not often that things are so quiet.  :)  But it allowed me to be deep in thought, which I needed.  See, this time last year...I was doing good.  I was reading my Bible, I was praying a lot, I was active in my was good.  Then I just kinda dropped out of it all.  Intentions were still there but they were never enough to move me.  I kinda slipped back into old habits.  Thankfully I am doing better with those things...behavioral issues (complaining, getting angry...) but I still have not gotten back into the Word like I should.  I still am not praying like I should.  I still feel a bit lost.  But I am not doing anything about it.  When I was deep in thought, I was wondering why this was this way?  Why can't I do what I did just a year ago?  My life is good now...on the outside...I just need more of Christ on the inside.  When I know what I need...why am I not doing it?

That's when a song came on the radio.  A song I have heard a million times before and never put much thought into it.  It was "Dare you to move" by Switchfoot.  My deep thoughts were interrupted by..

"Everybody's watching you...What happens next...
I dare you to move...
I dare you to lift yourself up off the ground..."

You talking to me???? 

"The tension is here...Between who you are and who you could be...
Between how it is and how it should be...
I dare you to move..."

Woah.  It was meant for me.  I knew it.  


Marie said...

I love the way He speaks through song!
Just to encourage's not about what you do, it is about who He is...He will work in you, He will complete the good work He has begun. A book that really encouraged me is Grace Walk by Steve McVey. For nearly my entire Christian life (I received Christ at the age of 23...I'm 43 now)I have based my Christian walk on how much I was doing. McVey's book was such a sigh of relief for me!
Rejoicing in Him,
Marie with a :-)
PS I love that song...Dare you to move.

salme said...

Hi Pamela, Accidentally found this blog of yours when I checked your profile.

This is currently happening to me. I feel lost. Sometimes hot, sometimes warm. I don't pray that much. I keep on reading the same passage in the Bible every night. I guess I am not growing, and just waiting for things to fall into place. I feel I am not holding on as I should.

I feel blessed to have read this. My song these days is the Desert Song.