Sunday, July 20, 2008

Glitter Border

**Sorry I have been called away to Nebraska where there was mice, snakes, and a lot of yucky smells.  (We were cleaning out my hubby's grandmother's house).  So that is why I haven't posted for several days, sorry.  

Here is a super simple technique for you to try...make a glitter border using double sided tape.  I love to do this on my Christmas Cards.

First, go ahead and place the double-sided tape where you want it on your project.

Then peel it (if your tape is the peelable kind) and pour glitter on top.  Make sure you have a piece of paper or a container behind your project so you don't lose glitter.  

Then I turned my card over and knocked all of the loose glitter off of it and onto my paper.  Then I was able to fold the paper and pour my glitter back into the glitter container.  Glitter lasts forever if you are careful not to lose much of it when you use it.  Now you should have a border of glitter.  Super simple huh.

Here's my finished card:

On top of the flower, I added a circular paperclip.  Then I filled it with Crystal Effects (a clear daze) and sprinkled even more glitter onto my card.  

Paper and canvas flower from Making Memories.  Chipboard piece from Maya Road and painted with Making Memories paint.  Used 3D paint from Scribbles on the border of the chipboard.  Stamped saying from Stampendous.  Paperclip.  Crystal Effects from Stampin' Up!  and glitter from Hero Arts.  


Chris said...

Great idea Pamela! I'll have to try it...eventually...if I ever decide to allow glitter back in my home. :) Do you use the specific SBing glitter or the kid's version?

Michele said...

Wow, Pamela. It boggles my mind on how you come up with these great techniques all the time! I will definitely need to try this one!

Veronica said...

Now, THAT is cool! Who'd thunk!? Something to definitely try. If you get 2-sided tape in a large width, think of the stuff you could "cut" out of it and glitter!! OMG, brain going into "overdrive!" Thanks.

Alexandra said...

Cure card Pamela - love this! Glad you are back! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Stacy said...

Just added double sided tape to my list :) Pretty card, thanks for the tip!

Jen said...

Sorry about the ickiness in Nebraska. Love your card. I love the spiral clip idea. Very pretty!