Monday, May 11, 2009

SC Sketch 142

Yep, it's Monday and time for another sketch. I am posting this from Idaho. The other posts I made I had scheduled out, but this one I am typing up on Sunday night. Idaho has been many changes and so many memories wrapped up into this town. I went to college here, met my hubby here, had our first house here, and had our first son here. But I hardly recognize it anymore. Even the university has changed so much I barely recognize it. But graduation went well (congrats Jen), and the boys behaved pretty well through such a long, boring event. :) I just wish the trip wasn't such a quick trip and I was able to visit with more friends.

But back to the topic on is the sketch for the week:

Digital elements by Emily Merritt.
And here is what the awesome SC gals did witht the sketch...

Annie Collins--

Cathy Beishir--

Jen Gaudia--

Liz Chidester--

Marilyn Wiggins--

Rowena Ortile--

Sookie Francisco--

As always, if you do the sketch, link us up so we can check it out! And Scrapbook Challenges and has fun things coming up...I look forward to sharing those with you.
Did you all have a great Mothers day? I spent all day at Graduation stuff. Hubby didn't even say Happy Mothers Day when he called. :( But that's ok...maybe next year I will get the royal treatment. Yeah right. :)
I begin the long drive home in the morning. We are taking it in two days. Can't wait to get home, I have a lot I want to get accomplished in the next few days. Have a great Monday everyone!


Kate said...

Lovely pages! hey my DH was in Vegas and didn't get home till 11PM so we didn't do much of Mother's day... The girls did get me some fun presents, and we are going out to dinner tonight..

Alex said...

Fabulous sketch Pamela, I love your sketches!!! And, the samples are wonderful!! Glad you are enjoying your visit - have a safe trip home!


Lisa Dorsey said...

Great sketch and love what the designers did with it. Have fun in Idaho. Hope you have fun discovering it all over again.

Jody said...

What a great sketch and takes on it!
Hope you trip home is safe and quick :)

Suz said...

Great sketch & wow super stuff the dt did.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Cool sketch - those pages are great! I especially like the "Godmother" one - something about the brown with all those bright colors and the wavy line. Safe travels getting back home!

Unknown said...

what a great sketch and layouts to go along with them!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a safe trip back! Love the sketch, and what the girls did w/it!

Unknown said...

I didn't get an royal treatment either. DH was in some much pain he had to take his medication and thus sleep the entire day away. Oh wait, Blake treated me with a royal mess of baby powder from one end of the house to the other, if that counts .

Cheryl KVD said...

Another great sketch!! Lovely pages too!

Hannie C said...

Nice sketch!
I've done mine over at