Sunday, September 9, 2007

I scraplift

Yes, it is true. On occassion...I scraplift. I always feel guilty though. Magazines say it is fine...people say it is fine. I personally do not mind if someone scraplift's my fact it is a compliment. So...I shouldn't feel guilty. It's fun, and I have many beautiful layouts because of scraplift. So, if you, like I, feel guilty about copying someone else's work...don't! Just don't take credit for it as your own :)

The top pictures are of my scraplift...and the last one is of the original. The original can be found in "101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies, with Jennifer McGuire." This was one of Creating Keepsake's special issues. The layout I lifted is on page 21, and the original artist is Kelly Noel.

Women's Retreat

Lately I have felt like I am slipping away from my Lord, Jesus Christ. The “stuff” just keeps getting in the way. I am not making time for Him. Sadly, I am not spending time in prayer. I am not reading my Bible. I am just busy, busy, busy…even if it is just being busy with nothingness. But I have felt it…the drifting away…the NEED for HIM. That is why I was excited for this women’s retreat this weekend. It was through my church. I was excited enough that I showed up in the first minute of check-in time, leaving an hour to sit and wait for it to start. I was so glad to be there…I needed to be there! That, of course, is when the headache came. I tried to ignore it, but it got worse and worse. Soon, I had to leave the activities and go up to my hotel room where I threw up for the next hour and a half before I had my husband come and pick me up. Yep, I had a very inconvenient and unpleasant migraine. I left my highly anticipated women’s retreat. I was devastated. What happened? I needed to be there Lord—didn’t I? It wasn’t until today (when I was feeling better) that I realized that as much fun as the retreat would have been…I didn’t need it…I needed Him. This has been the case all along. I don’t need the retreat, or my desired Bible study to start to bring me closer to Him. I just need to do it on my own.

This blog

I do not mind if people read my blog, or even comment. But I do not intend to promote it, because its main purpose is for me. My spiritual journal…my spiritual journey. So if you have stumbled across this, feel free to read it and struggle alongside me in this journey we call life. Anybody that comes this way must be brought by God, because you won’t have come here because of me.